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Glass restoration experts in Cardiff

Has one of the artistically crafted window panes of your building been damaged? Do you need to restore it to its original condition? Contact Ashdown (Sales) Ltd for full glass restoration work. Visit our showroom to find out more.

Sash window repairs and restorations 

In case of a restoration, you must save all the fragments of the broken window. Those pieces are essential for the restoration work. At Ashdown (Sales) Ltd in Cardiff, we use both modern and traditional methods to ensure that the original beauty of the glass is restored perfectly. 

Even if you are planning to replace your old windows with sash windows, our skilled and experienced craftsmen can provide you with the best possible options. During sash window repairs, we ensure that the intact parts of the broken window are not damaged. 

sash windows
colonial glass

We perform glass restoration for:

  • Colonial glass
  • Traditional glass
  • Contemporary glass
  • Monumental glass
  • Stained glass
  • Damaged glass restoration
To get an estimate on the services we offer, get in touch with our expert team. 
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